Bali Global Outreach Team


DATES: MARCH 18-28, 2019

(all inclusive - airfare, food, lodging, ground transportation and basic emergency insurance)


Information Meeting

Sunday, September 9, at noon in the church office conference room.


We are providing a marriage retreat for our married field personnel in that region. Our team will lead the marriage retreat (Pastor Jonathan and Tammy Jarboe and Counselor Daniel and Kyle Jarboe), provide worship (Tammy and others) and provide activities for children while parents are in the marriage retreat sessions Friday afternoon -Tuesday morning. Kids will reside with their parents, eat with parents, and usually be with us for about eight separate 90-minute segments spread throughout the time frame. Tourist/sightseeing activities will take place prior to marriage retreat and after marriage retreat.

Participants Needed

15-20 (marriage retreat leaders and worship 4-8, childcare 10-15) There will be 12 couples and 23 children attending the retreat.



Click here to download the outreach trip application packet. This packet, a copy of your passport, and the $500 deposit are due by October 14.
For more information, please contact Pastor Jonathan.

Payment Schedule

The total cost is $2,000, which you can pay all at once or using the following schedule. All-inclusive of airfare, food, lodging, ground transportation and basic emergency insurance. Out of pocket expenses may include supplemental travel insurance, meals during travel and sightseeing, and possibly costs associated with sightseeing/tourism. $500 non-refundable deposit and application required to reserve a spot on the team.

  • October 14 - $500 deposit
  • November 18 - $400
  • December 16 - $400
  • January 13 - $400
  • February 17 - $300


Use the link below to either pay the full amount, or to pay the next scheduled amount. Don't forget to fill out the application, if you haven't already.

Click here to pay online.