Proverbs 16:17-23

Friday, August 10, 2018

The Mighty Have Fallen

Humility: Power over Pride

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18

I admit, my cockiness got the better of me. My team of riders had just won the most prestigious bicycle race on my university campus, and I was fortunate enough to be on the bike when we took the checkered flag. Photos of our faces and jerseys were all over the media for days. Selfishly, I thought I could surf the wave of victory into the heart of an extremely attractive coed who was working at the church where I was serving. In my attempt to get her attention, I decided to wear my jersey and ride my bike through the courtyard where she was supervising six little girls. In my arrogance, I thought that if I could get her to recognize me and smile, I would have won, not only the race but her heart as well.

I got the smile but unfortunately it came after about a half hour of uncontrollable laughter. While sneaking a quick glance to see if she was watching me ride by, I failed the see the metal pole holding up the awning in the courtyard. Under the right conditions the huge gong of my face hitting the pole still echoes through my ears. Not only was the girl amused, but I will likely be eternally famous to the little girls she was supervising. The first thing that came to my mind after the ringing stopped was Proverbs 16:18. Since that experience, I have been amazed at how many times my arrogance has preceded an epic fall. It has become a significant life-lesson for me spiritually.