What's Next at Pathway?

What's Next at Pathway Church?

As Pastor Jonathan has completed his time of service at Pathway Church and Pastor Rob prepares to start officially on August 11 you might be asking the question, “What's Next?” That is such a great question that many are asking around Pathway Church these days. Who is speaking and leading in this transitional month? Who do we call if we have an urgent need? Who do we talk with if we want to schedule something at the church? Who do we contact about an area of ministry? All of those questions and more will certainly be a part of the transition. So for now, here is the plan for July.

Dr. Walter Price Speaking in July

In this unique season between Lead Pastors, we are blessed to have Dr. Walter Price speaking in our morning worship services. He is no stranger to Pathway Church and brings to us the experience and energy that overflows from his ministry as Senior Pastor at Fellowship of the Pass for over 20 years. We are really thankful to have him sharing messages in this season of transition. Come expectantly as Dr. Price brings timely and meaningful messages for the Pathway Church family.

Dr. Walter Price
Call Us

Who Do I Call?

Our Executive Leadership Team (ELT), Deacons, and Ministry Staff will be working hand in hand to help with needs and questions during the month of July. In order to centralize communication and ensure that there is a prompt and helpful response, please call the church office (909-793-2448, office@pathwayonline.com) and share your need or question with Jackie Lee, and she will make sure that the appropriate person is alerted. The ELT and Scott Mobley (Deacon Ministry Team Leader) will be glad to help with questions that you may have. Jackie can make sure that you get in touch with them. These leaders will also be working closely with our Small Group leaders. As always, they will be willing to help.

Summer Ministries—Exhale and Get Ready!

Summer ministries at Pathway are in full swing! There are many opportunities to grow and to serve this summer. You might notice that some of our ministries are being relaxed in July and early August during this time of transition. If that is the case for you or your family we hope that you will enjoy the time to take a deep breath and enjoy the summer. Enjoy the times of worship and allow God to refresh you as we get ready for ministry kick-offs in August and September.


What to Expect in August and September

We are super excited about the new season of ministry that will start as the school year kicks-off in August. Pastor Rob's first Sunday will be on August 11. Circle the day on your calendar and plan to be there now! Watch the website for details to come about ministry kick-offs in August and September.

Prayer is the Pathway to the Future

As we walk through this time of transition, don't forget that prayer is the pathway to experiencing God and all the fullness that He envisions for our lives! Keep praying for how God wants to meet you and to lead you. Keep praying for God to work in the lives of each and every member of the Pathway Church family!